wet behind the ears.

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With mindfulness, you become aware that you truly create every moment of your life, every second of it. You begin to let go of the ideas of the past as far as who and what you are. You begin to notice that the future is only a place of potential creativity, for you can see that you only ever have just this present moment of your existence.

Excerpt from an upcoming article for Conscious Variety by Robert Blond. (via consciousvariety)

(via consciousvariety)



It’s happening!

After months of sourcing articles, poetry, art, essays, and interviews, Conscious Variety is finally launching next Sunday, October 12th!

We are extremely excited to highlight all of the amazing beings who have contributed. You can be one too! If you have anything you’d like to have featured on ConsciousVariety.com, please send it to submissions@consciousvariety.com - It may even make our print issue!

At the end of every year, Conscious Variety will publish our print issue. A piece of art unto itself, it will be full of handpicked submissions from throughout the year, including interviews, poetry, art, essays, articles, and more.

With awareness comes evolution. We feel that humanity is increasingly ready to deepen our experience of the nature of Self, in the Now. Our intention is to provide a go-to resource for people wanting to build community as we collectively evolve. We hope you enjoy everyone’s hard work and contributions.